Robot Poetry


Here are some of the poems we created using the robot film as our stimulus and inspiration


Shiny and bright head,Hypnotic scraped robot,

Waiting for its master.


By Prankika

The robot was mixed with all different things,

Fixed with junk all funny things.

Waits for a friend nobody has seen.

Is this the end were no one has seen?

By Joyce


His head is round with eyes that never stop spinning,

Drawings on his forehead make him look silly.

The scary robot.

By Tharvry

The abandoned robot,Shining bright like the sun,

Left in the dump,

As abandoned it will be.

Sitting on a trunk,

As hard as a rock,

Guarding like a bee,

Protecting its hive,

Waiting till its doom.

By Levis


Shiny white head,

Green flashing light,

Looking always ahead

You give me a fright

Can you see me?

Good Bye

By Sarah

Shiny head with lots of light,

Big eyes of glowing energy.

Metal head with blue eyes,

But he was sad his friend went away.

Sensory eyes of glowing crystals,

Are shining bright for his friend.

By Cindy


Glistening head, shiny eyes.It makes my day, and then you say hi.

Then you say bye, bye.

Your heart caclunks, bye, bye.

By Tyson


Eyes so bright
The mind is clean
Never been watched
Until he will be seen.
 Eyes go tick tock
Shaped like a rock.
 Looking for a friend
Until the end
By Harshi
The robot waits for his master.Staying, listening, waiting for its master to come.

As keen as a dog.

His eyes spin like cogs on an eternal clock.

Thinking of times with his master.

2 circles spin around together in each eye.

He thinks of his master as a friend.

And so his care for his master leave them both…to eternal…friendship

By Steven


The robot turns his eyes like a cog,

He could see through the fog.

His big blue eyes,

Just like the skies.

He sees, he hears,

All the people and their fears.

Glowing eyes,

Keen as a dog,

You give me a fright,

Time for me to say Goodnight.

By Gain


17 thoughts on “Robot Poetry

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed writing the poem about the robot head. I think it was quite scary .
    Can you make up your own poem about the robot head?
    There was many interesting poems.

    From Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I totally agree with you about the interesting poems. It was a little scary.
      Also you are so nice. I am very lucky to have you in my class.

      From: Harshi 3/4 NB 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed reading the poems.
    They are all very different
    I think I enjoyed reading Sarah’s Poem the most.
    From: Chloe 3/4NB

  3. Dear Mrs Black,
    I like the robot Poetry because it is interesting and fun to read and I saw mine it was very good.

  4. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed writing the poems. I read some of the poems and they were very interesting. I showed my parents my poem and they were very proud.
    I like Joyce’s the most !!!!!

    From: Harshi 🙂

    1. I’m so pleased you shared your poem with your family. If you email your story to me next week I’ll pop it up on the blog too! You did a wonderful job and wrote an interesting story with excellent details!

  5. Dear Mrs Black,
    The robot poetry was an fantastic choice. Although it was a little scary the way it looked. Also I want to know who is using the blog a lot?

    From: Harshi 3/4 NB 🙂

  6. Dear Mrs Black,
    It was quite hard writing these poems and I like to thank those who commented they liked my poem. I liked their poem as well.
    I want to know your poem Mrs black.(I think that robot is creepy)

    From Sarah

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