Similies and Metaphors

WE will be learning about similies and metaphors. What are they and what is the difference? They are a great tool to add detail and descriptive language to your writing. Watch this catchy YouTube song about similies and metaphors.

metaphor      similies

12 thoughts on “Similies and Metaphors

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really enjoy the song. I showed it to my sister and she enjoyed it as well.
    I now know more about similes and metaphors.

    From Sarah

    1. I am glad you liked it Sarah! I thought it was very catchy and found myself sining it over and over as it was stuck in my head!

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really like the song because it teach me what similes and metaphors
    mean and it is really catchy.

  3. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed the similies and metaphors song. It looked like everyone enjoyed it.
    It had a lot of information. In think I am going to watch it again.
    Also my favourite character was Similie Girl.

    From: Harshi 3/4 NB 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Black,

    I loved the similes and metaphor. I got quite interested in the video because it was funny and good to learn about it. I really liked it and how did you find it?

    1. It is so catchy Tyson! It heats stuck in my head too. Hopefully it helps us remember what smilies and metaphors are and how we can use them in writing. From mrs black

  5. Dear Mrs Black,
    The similes and metaphors song was a great choice.
    Even though it sounds good it still tells you what similes and metaphors mean.
    I think I am going to watch the video again again.

    From: Harshi

  6. Hi Mrs Black,
    I LOVED the Similes and Metaphors song its sooo CATCHY!!!
    I learnt so much from it.
    I hope we can write a story with similes and metaphors some day.
    I think it would be a big challenge for most of the grade 3. Ohh and some of the grade 4.
    It would defently be a challenge for me!
    Jessica Nguyen

  7. Dear Mrs Black,
    I think this song is sad a little than it turns happy!
    How did you find this song?
    Awesome blog keep up the good work!

    From Sarah

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