Term 3- 2015!

Wow! Can you believe it is term 3 already? What a busy year we have had so far.

I hope you all had lovely holidays. Write anything fun you did in the comments!

Congratulations to all the students who received the sacrament of Reconciliation at the end or Term 2. Well done for experiencing the sacrament for the first time after all that preparation. Later in the year (November), you will be receiving your first Eucharist which an exciting and very special sacrament. We have a lot of preparation to do before then.

This term we will be learning about lots of different things. In religion we will be learning about Heroes.

In Inquiry we will be learning about Matter.

In Maths you will be doing multiplication, capacity and mass and many other topics. Keep practising your times tables- they will be very useful as you learn more about multiplication, and later, about division.

3 thoughts on “Term 3- 2015!

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I loved watching the similes and metaphors video. I learnt all about similes and metaphors when I watched it. I loved it! It had lots of information in the video.

    Jessica Nguyen

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