What’s the Matter??

This term our Inquiry topic is “What’s the Matter?” We will be learning all about solids and liquids and how they can change states. You will be participating in lots of exciting science experiments.

Here is a YouTube movie about solids, liquids and gas!


And here is a game you can try (click on the image):

Capture 6

4 thoughts on “What’s the Matter??

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    Are we going to do any experiments on matter?
    At the incursion we watched Ben do different experiments.One of them was when Ben picked a volunteer and he had 2 blown up balloons, one had water and one didn’t . Ben got a blow torch and popped the one without water over the volunteer’s head. Next he got the balloon with water and put the blow torch on where the water was, it didn’t pop. Ben put the blow torch where the water wasn’t at. It popped over the volunteer’s head. The volunteer got WET.

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed the incursion that we had. It looks like everyone enjoyed the incursion.
    Hopefully we can do an experiment for our topic this term.
    From Harshi 3/4 NB 🙂

    1. Hi Harshi. We will definitely be doing some experiments this term. I’m glad you enjoyed the incursion. It’s sounds like it was lots of fun! From Mrs Black

  3. Dear Mrs Black,
    I LOVED the incursion so much. My favourite part when Ben choose a volunteer and the water went EVERYWHERE! Even on me! 🙂
    See you on Thursday!!! BYE 🙂
    Jessica Nguyen

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