Hi 3/4NB. In ICT ย today we will be using these links to find out more about solids and liquids. CLick on the images below and they will take you to the activities! When you have finished comment on this blog post about what you found out!



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26 thoughts on “SCIENCE in ICT

  1. Dear Mrs Black, I enjoyed playing the science games for kids site. I learnt about heating and cooling. I learnt chocolate melts at 35 degrees Celsius. Ice lolly melts at 0 degrees Celsius

    From Sarah.

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really enjoyed playing these games about Matter.
    My favourite one was the Science Games for kids.
    From: Chloe 3/4NB ๐Ÿ™‚ :):):)

  3. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really enjoyed playing these games about Matter.
    My favourite one was the Science Games for kids.
    From: Chloe 3/4NB ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What science!! the games are great and they can be really fun for kids to learn whats solid liquid and gas. I think you should tell kids to get straight on their i pads or computers and start playing these great games.

    BTW did you make this game?
    From Levis

  5. Dear Mrs Black,
    I like that you put up games for us about solids, liquids and gas and that also help with my work on solids and liquids also thank you for putting up new stuff on the blog.

  6. Hi Mrs Black ,
    I had so much fun playing the ”States of Matter ” game .
    I got all of it correct .
    Love the blog .
    Waiting for more.
    yours sensierly

  7. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really enjoyed both of the games the second one is mostly interesting because the first one is only melting and heating and the second one is fun because the person can talk it is amazing.

  8. Wow i loved doing the science game i loved doing the part when you have to do the 12 things like solids, liquids and gases

  9. Dear Mrs Black
    I think the game and the movie was a great idea.
    In states of matter i learnt some stuff :D.
    Playing the game i thought is kind of boring sorry…

  10. Dear Mrs Black,
    The States of matter helped me find out what a solid, liquid and gas was.
    It was a good choice to have an activity with it. The activity wasn’t really hard.
    I think I like this topic in school.

    From: Harshi 3/4NB ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really liked the solids, liquids and gases games.
    I learned more solids, liquids and gases things.
    I also learned how the chocolate melts and the temperature.

    From Alisia

  12. Dear Mrs Black,
    I liked the games for kids because you can learn how to heat and cool. But the States of Matter is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Joyce

  13. that Albert Einstein guy sounds like a kid. Did he drink a potion?
    The guy called Anthony. Don’t take my private table.

  14. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really liked the games because they taught me the different temperatures to know how many degrees are required.

  15. Hi Mrs Black,
    I learnt a lot about matter from States of Matter.
    The activities from Games For Kids and States of Matter.
    It reminded me about matter (Solids, Liquid, and Gases)
    Also have you seen ALL my comets on the blog?
    Isn’t there lots of comets from me?
    And can I comet 2 times at one place or more?
    Who comets the most on the blog?

    Jessica Nguyen!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really enjoyed playing both of the game the first one was very interesting
    and fun and the second one I really enjoyed it because I got to learn a lot
    from the game.

  17. dear Mrs Black,
    I had lots of fun playng the games about matter.
    And i am looking forward to learning more about matter.
    From Tharvry 3/4NB

  18. I like the two games that you put up for us to play.The state of matter game was fun me,Anthony and Steve did a race. Anthony was first I was second and Steve was last.

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