Different countries

At the end of term 3, the 3/4NB students worked with a partner to research a country to present to the class. Many different countries were chosen including Japan, America, Brazil and Italy.

Try the quiz by clicking on the image below- it tests how many countries you know in the world! Good Luck!

Here are some of our google slideshows (click on the links!)

Levi and Steve’s Google slide show

5 thoughts on “Different countries

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I don’t have permission to see Levi’s and Steve’s google slide show 🙁
    Anyways can you please put my one on the blog?


  2. Hi 3/4 Nicita & Black,
    How are you? We loved your picture with all the different countries. It is very colourful. In term 2, we learnt about the countries that we come from.
    Have a great day!
    From Prep Efe

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