How can we make a difference?

Our environment is suffering as we use materials that are not recyclable. Post below a way YOU can make a change and help our environment be cleaner and greener!

8 thoughts on “How can we make a difference?

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I can help save the environment by not littering and not wasting plastic bags.
    I think it can be hard because the supermarkets use it. The litter will make animals die by choking them.

    From Sarah

  2. I think that i maybe will make a protest.

    you don’t wanna. starts with st and ends with en in your class

  3. Dear Mrs Black
    We can put the rubbish into the bin and not litter. We can also put paper into the recycle bin

    From Gain Nguyen

  4. We can put our plastics in the recycling bin.
    We and pick up rubbish we see and put them in the bin.
    We can re use paper.
    By Pika

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