Super Space Stories!

Today, Friday 9/10/15, the drama group were off to the city so our class and 3 people from Miss Murphy’s class decided to do something different. We wrote space stories about astronauts going into space.  These were our instructions:

You are an astronaut going on your first trip into space.

What happens on your trip?

How does it feel?

What do you eat?

Where do you go?

What happens there?

Do you come home? How?


We worked with a partner, in groups of three or by ourselves and we used the laptops and computers to create our stories. We hope you enjoy our stories. From Sarah and Alisia



The Meeting of Aliens    by Sarah and Alisia 

One day, Sarah and Alisia decided to go to space after their long and hard training. They started to pack their things for the journey to go to space. They packed ice- cream biscuits, food in tooth paste tubes, freeze dried food in pouches and drinks in packets.


As they left they called each other Space Sarah and Assistant Alisia. They got to the space station and got into the rocket. The space control gave a countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Blast off! It took 3 days but they had fun. They ate ice- cream biscuits, floated around a little bit and look out the window. They took samples as well.


They arrived at the moon and all their training is all up to this. First they jumped and floated around and looked at the craters. Then they went to the dark side with their torches. They saw a lot of moon rocks and touched the sand. Suddenly they saw lots of green things.


It was aliens and they were holding swords, Sarah said “Lets follow them” Alisia replied “Ok”. When they got close to the aliens the aliens made Sarah and Alisia follow them. The alien boss said “Bloo blah gahhh lopk” They followed the aliens and found out that the aliens were nice because they built a very good rocket.


Sarah and Alisia gave them some food and they thought aliens are very smart.  They checked if the alien’s rocket was safe and it was safe. Alisia wanted to take a selfie with the aliens as proof. As they came back to earth they ate the frozen dried food and it was good. They enjoyed going to the moon for the first time. They also proved that aliens are smart and real.


                                            The End        

2 thoughts on “Super Space Stories!

  1. Dear Sarah and Alisia,
    Looks like you were a great team.
    Sadly, we missed out in creating our own story but although the drama excursion was amazing !!!!!!!!!
    From: Harshi 3/4 NB

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