Merry Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching! What an exciting time of year. We are doing many different things to prepare for Christmas. One special event we will be sharing is our Christmas Concert next can practice the song by playing the music below!

Jingle Bells- Vietnamese version

Mừng ngàу chúɑ sinh rɑ đời,

nào mình cùng nắm tɑу tươi cười
Hòɑ bình đến cho muôn người, cùng cất tiếng cɑ mừng νui
Mừng ngàу giáng sinh ɑn hòɑ
mừng hạnh ρhúc cho muôn nhà
Ƭừ thành ρhố hɑу đồng quê muôn nơi νɑng tiếng hát cɑ νɑng lừng
Chorus 1:

Đêm no℮l …đêm no℮l…

tɑ hãу cùng νui lên !
Đêm no℮l ơi đêm tɑ xin ơn trên bɑn hòɑ bình cho trần thế
Đêm no℮l! chuông νɑng lên! chuông giáo đường νɑng lên
Đêm no℮l …đêm no℮l …..tɑ hãу chúc nhɑu ɑn bình!
Mừng ngàу chúɑ sinh rɑ đời, nào mình cùng nắm tɑу tươi cười!
Hòɑ bình đến cho muôn người, cùng cất tiếng cɑ mừng νui !
Mừng ngàу giáng sinh ɑn hòɑ, mừng hạnh ρhúc cho muôn nhà!
Ƭừ thành ρhố hɑу đồng quê muôn nơi νɑng tiếng hát cɑ νɑng lừng.

31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Dear Mrs Black
    I am so excited for the Christmas concert.
    What is your favourite part of Christmas?
    I like the happiness and joy.

    From Sarah

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    The practising is going well. There was a little problem about when to sing Vietnamese then go to English. I only did it correctly once.
    From Gain

  3. Dear Mrs Black,

    While I was practicing my mum heard me singing so I got a bit embarrassed.Mrs Black I hope the concert goes well on Wednesday I hope you enjoyed the song and hopefully the editing wasn’t to hard for you.

    From Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce, you shouldn’t be embarrassed- I’m sure your singing was beautiful! The editing was a little tricky but I think it sounds ok now. I’m very excited about the concert!
      From Mes Black

  4. Dear Mrs Black,

    The homework was very easy because I know the words off by heart.
    Tomorrow I will miss you, and hope that you and Mrs Nicita have a nice time at the meeting. And I hope I see you around.

    From Tharvry

  5. Dear Mrs Black,
    It went quite great with singing the Vietnamese song.
    These are the three ways I tried singing the song:
    I was thinking of singing it normal. Don’t you think?
    Anyways the homework was easy. I don’t understand why my big brother said it was hard.
    My brother even tried singing it too! But he didn’t know how to sing the words. 🙂
    Jessica Nguyen

    1. Hi Jessica.
      I agree. Normal is perfect! Well done for practicing in different ways. You must have impressed your brother with your amazing efforts!

    1. Hi Sarah. That’s great that you and Cindy practiced together and helped each other. It’s always more fun to practice with a friend! I can’t wait for the big night!
      From mrs Black

  6. Dear Mrs Black,
    The homework that I did went well but I think I need to work on the part that we need to say sleigh for kind of a long time. And I am super excited for the Christmas Concert.

    From Alisia

  7. Dear Mrs Black,
    When I sang the song Ifound that some parts I cound’t say right so Iam going to
    Practice more and I liked that you put the lyrics it helped when I did’t say some words right .

    From Jasmine

  8. Dear Mrs Black,
    On the last line of verse one its suppose to be vui not vang.
    If you could learn another language which would it be?
    I would like French or Latin

    From Sarah

  9. Dear Mrs Black,
    I really practiced sing ”Jingle Bells” in Vietnamese and English.
    I can’t wait for the chrismas consert.
    Can’t belive that it’s nearly end of Term 4 and end of year.
    I will visit you when I have time i year 5
    Hope you have a fun time in 3/4 NB 🙂 🙂

    From pranika

  10. Dear Mrs Black,
    When I sang the song it wasn’t so difficult. I have my fingers and toes crossed for Wednesday and I hope everyone does there best. Also I hope you have a
    wonderful Christmas.

    From: Harshi 🙂

  11. Dear Mrs Black,
    Thank you for putting the music and that really help us practice for our Christmas concert. I also like how you are up to date with your blog and I really liked your space websites.

    PS: if you can please bring matches to light one of our candles on the Advent wreath.

    From: Levi:)

    1. Hi Levi. You are very welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying the practicing. How is your practice going for the Vietnamese introduction?

      1. Dear Mrs Black,
        My practice for the Christmas was great and our class and Mr Hoang’s class did an awesome job on the concert night. I hope you enjoyed our part and the rest of the show. I will miss you next year Mrs Black and Mrs Nicita.

        From your faithful student: Levi

    1. I’m sure your singing was wonderful Daniel. You have practiced a lot and concentrate very hard! I can’t wait for the concert!

  12. Hi Mrs Black,
    I really enjoy the Vietnamese Christmas song.
    I’m so excited to do the Concert!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS (not really…)

    From: Me (Simon):)
    To: Mrs Black

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