12 times tables

This week you are learning your 12 times tables.

here is a youtube video to help you remember them!

And a game…

times table shoot

4 thoughts on “12 times tables

  1. OMG this games was so fun Mrs Black and I loved how it got very hard but then i got very hard but then i got angry:3

  2. Dear Ms Black,

    Thank you for putting up the 12x tables video and game I enjoyed the game more because you had to be really fast and know your timetables.

    From: May

  3. Dear Mrs Black,
    This song is as good as the 8x tables song from last year.
    Nice change to the blog.

    From Sarah

  4. Dear Mrs black,
    I watch the 12 time table song and it was the best way to get better at my 12 time table and it was very good for me all the time.

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