Werribee Zoo Excursion

On Wednesday the 25th of May, all of the 3/4 classes went on an exciting excursion to the Werribee Zoo. It was an amazing experience. Here are some comments from the students about the day:

Kathleen- “We saw a lot of endangered species at the Werribee Zoo.”

Kenson- “I was excited when we went on the bus to the Werribee Zoo.”

Ashley- “We saw meerkats at the zoo. They were my favourite animal.”

Tristan- “it was fun because we got to see a lot of animals.”

Alvina- “When I went to the Werribee Zoo, I wanted to take a meerkat home because it was cute!”

Celinda- “We saw a cheetah that was camouflaged with a tree. It was hard to see.”

Vincent- “We did activities about predators”

Bridget- “When we went on the safari bus, half way around it started to rain!”

Cathy- “I felt excited when we went to the Werribee Zoo!”

Sururo- “When we were on the Safari bus, animals were lying in other animals poop!”

Andrew- “my favourite part was when we saw they two old meerkats.”

May- “We learnt that meerkats are adults when they turn one year old.”

Ngoc- “I learnt the life cycle of a meerkat.”

Angela- “my favorite part was when we saw the hippopotamus and we got to play on the hippo play ground!”

Click on the image of the Werribee Zoo below to visit their website!

werribee zoo

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