Effective Learners

Today we talked about what makes someone an effective learner. 3/4NB had so many ideas. Here are the slides we came up with:

Do you have any other ideas to add?  Comment below if you do!

The Amazing Race

On Tuesday, 8/2/17, 3/4NB and 3/4M participated in the St Joseph’s Great Amazing Race! We used iPads and QR codes to find and answer clues about geography. Here are some photos from the day (kindly compiled By the wonderful Miss Murphy).

How did you feel about this activity? What did you discover? Comment below!

Here is a clip of the Australian Amazing Race to enjoy as well!


  • This term we are learning about our place in the world and the most important place to begin exploring is Australia!

Have a look at this YouTube clip Mr Fitz found. It tells you about Australia’s states and territories. Where have you been in Australia? Comment below!

And the Tour of the World that we watched as a Taster video:

Cyber Safety Day 2017

Tuesday the 7th of February is Cyber Safety Day. It is a day to raise awareness about being a safe citizen online.

Here are some videos and activities for you to have a look at to becoming aware of what you should and shouldn’t do online.

Click on the image to go to the website:


Welcome to the 3/4 NB Class of 2017!


Welcome to a new year!

It will be an exciting year with so many special events happening.

This Year the students who are catholic will be making both their Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

We will have excursions, incursions, WOW activities and so much more.

I cannot wait to share this amazing year with you!