Multiplication activities

This term we have begun learning about multiplication- here are some different games and some information you can look at to learn more and practise your skills!

2 thoughts on “Multiplication activities

  1. I like the games so much it helped me a lot so keep it up with the work👍🏻 You deserve a high five!✋🏻🖐🏻

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I think you deserve a BIG,big,big,big,big,big,big… and so on hugs because you do so well with your blog like Miss Murphy does with her blog. I still miss doing maths together though.Were now doing it with Mrs Foleys class ,but mixed up with 3/4s with Miss Murphy and 3/4s with Mrs Foley.I hope you know your students a lot now.
    From Jessie T

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