In week 5 we are preparing and presenting the school Assembly. It will be on Friday at 2:35- we hope you can make it!

Here is the song we are presenting- please practise at home if you can:

15 thoughts on “Assembly

  1. Hoi!!!!! my name is Alan you can call me Al
    2 days until our assembly =D I’m exited : P
    i hope you guys have a good day soooo……

  2. Dear Mrs Black, I think that our Assembly will be great with Travis,Tiana,Alan,Janetta,Louis and I doing the first aid part and me saying cardiopulmonary resusitaion part.
    from your very responsible student, Vincent.

  3. Hi Mrs Black
    I hope the assembly will go very very GOOD and I still remember my lines because i focused on my line.

  4. Mrs Black I have great news I’ve found the PINK STAPLES but i think that they might be sold out but if you can find then you have GOODLUCK

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