INQUIRY- Puffing Billy

Look at these websites with information about Puffing Billy. See if you can find out:

What is Puffing Billy?

Where is it?

Find a map of where the train makes its journey.

What is the history of Puffing Billy?

What makes a steam train move and how does it work?

Record anything you find out about how steam trains work.

Story from ‘Getaway’

Behind the news story about a 13 year boy who is saving a train

Information about Emerald Lake

How do steam engines work?\

Animation of how a steam engine works

Wikki stix activity

Maths- looking at timetables, measurement etc


1 thought on “INQUIRY- Puffing Billy

  1. Dear Mrs Black,
    I like to go on Puffing Billy steam train because it made me so happy, that, it would make me feel better going to puffing billy/ Puffing billy steam train and it’s way to cool when were on the bridge. 🙂
    Love from you’re student Tiana Forrest

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