Multiplication Activities

3/4 BT have been working hard on developing activities to share with the class related to multiplication.

Here are some of the wonderful activities we created:

Game #1

Benjamin, Jayden, Matthew and travis

AMF bowling,

Things you need to play with: 2 6 sided dice, a tennis ball and pins from the game-Total of pins:10 pins



You have to be 1 meter or further  away from the pins you are only allowed 2 tries and bounces do not count as knocking it down.
Answer 10 multiplication sums and if you get it correct you get 1 point each sum and 1 ball each sum.

When you finish answering the 10 multiplication sums    you get to start a game of bowling and you get to have two tries to knock it down and if you knock one pin down and if you know a strike then you get 1 ball again but if you knock out all  of them but in 2 tries then you get 2 balls but if you don’t get any pins then you have to do more sums but each pin is one point and your pins you knock down stay down so you can’t reset the pins   also if you knock a pin you have to do a sum.

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