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20 thoughts on “ICT

  1. Dear Ms Black/Ms Nicita,
    The typing exercise is helping me to become better at typing and type faster. When I grow up, I will be a fast typer. I just want to ask why is there different levels in the typing club, why can’t there just be one?
    From, Joyce

  2. Hi Mrs Black,
    I have been exploring the new blog that you maid .
    I have playing lots of maths game and I have been also playing lots of typing
    game to. I also have been watching the Religion episodes .
    the last thing I did was playing the maths game again because it was so much fun. Chelsea 3/4NB

  3. Dear Mrs Black/Ms Nicita
    I really enjoyed the TypingClub game it really helped me type faster.
    When I am between 10 to 25 I might look back at Ms Black’s blog again because it has so much information that I can Learn.
    I nearly spent all my time looking at Ms Black’s blog!
    From Simon Nguyen

  4. Dear Mrs. Black,
    I enjoyed the writing a lot because it helps us type faster.
    I love Typping Club sooooo much!
    Now I love typing right now.

    From: Cindy

  5. Dear Mrs Black
    I would love you to add another typing game to teach you how to type.
    My brother made his own typing club account and he is level 46.
    I am level 28, now it is so hard.
    From Gain Nguyen 3/4NB

  6. Dear mrs Black,
    thank you for posting the typing club because it helps me to learn how to type quikly

  7. Dear Mrs Black

    I am enjoying this blog so much.
    I am waiting for more stuff on the blog.
    I hope you have nice Mothers Day with your family.

    From Tien N

  8. dear Mrs black this i love this blog so much im gonna go to this blog everyday
    and at home

    From Daniel

  9. Dear Mrs Black I really like the blog that you made and this might be a little to
    late to write that part . It is really getting cold now because where in June and it is becoming colder in winter. I look at the blog and I saw a picture of me on the ground drawing 8 things that the Indigenous people used.

    Chelsea 3/4 NB

  10. Hi Mrs Black,
    the last time i played was when i think last week.
    my level is 21 .
    LOVE the blog .It is awsome .
    waiting for more.
    Bye .From : pranika

  11. Hi Mrs Black,
    Typing Club helps me to type faster like you. It shows you where to place your fingers when your typing. Also I would like to know who is using the blog a lot?

    From: Harshi 3/4 NB 🙂

    1. Hi Harshi,
      I agree with you. It helps almost all of us type really, really fast! Also I read ALL the comments. There are sooo many of them. It nearly taken me HALF AN HOUR! Also I hope everyone has their manners and practice their part for the assembly!!!
      Jessica Nguyen!!! 🙂

  12. Hi Harshi and Jessica!
    Great to see you both using the blog from home!
    Harshi you are my top blog user! Thank you! And thank you for taking on such a big role in our assembly.
    Jessica I hope everyone participates and enjoys preparing for our assembly- I’m sure on the day it will be perfect- then we can celebrate!
    From mrs Black

  13. Mrs Black thank you for makeing blog for the whole school.
    I enjoyed typing Club thank you for makeing for su Mrs Black.

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