Click on the image to go to Britannica to learn more about Matter!


TUESDAY 24-7-17

With a partner

Watch What is science ? what do scientists do?

Show wonderings about the 4 sciences – introduce chemical science

Chemical Changes intro/ Reactions:

simple youtube video

Create a list of things that you discovered and a list of questions the clips have made you wonder with a partner



This year is ‘What does it mean to be Australian?’ What does being Australian mean to you? It can mean something different for different people.






In term 3 we are learning about matter and our unit is called “What’s the matter?” You will be learning all about solids and liquids. Below are some activities you can try related to the topic- click on the images and they will take you to the games!

Capture 4       Capture 5



For the rest of Term 2 we will be looking at the big question “Who lived here first and how do we know?” Click on the aboriginal art below to visit the dust echoes website that has lots of information and movies.



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  1. Hi Mrs Black

    My name is Geoff. I am Cameron’s Dad. I do like the things published on your Blog and will be using the Blog to help Cameron with his homework.

    Please keep me posted.



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