Here are some sites you can use during Daily 5 for listen to reading:

Behind the News- click on the image below and it will take you to the BTN website. BTN stands for Behind the News and is a kids news program. Maybe you would like to watch an episode or a clip and fins out more about what is happening in the world!





Here is a YouTube movie about prepositions- I hope it helps you understand what thye are and how we use them:



study ladder pic


This year we have been reading the book “Tashi”.


Here is An episode of Tashifrom ABC iview for you to watch!

7 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. Dear Mrs Black/Mrs Nicita,

    I liked watching Tashi it was amazing because it was different to the Tashi book that we been reading because for the episode it was with Jack but for the book it wasn’t with Jack.

  2. Dear Mrs Black,
    I enjoyed watching Tashi.
    Also I enjoyed reading Tashi.
    I love the interesting adventures that Tashi has.
    Also I have the ABC3 ivew app. So I can watch Tashi !!!

    From Harshi

  3. Hi Mrs Black,
    on the weekened i went on the blog and played some ziptale. i also watch Tashi
    it was a little bit funny for me. i also played the typing game playing it made my typing a lot faster.

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