Amazing discoveries

Today 3/4NB had the opportunity to use a discovery box from the Museum of Victoria. It was so exciting to have the chance to explore real artifacts from Aboriginal culture.

Here are some pictures of what we looked at:

IMG_1789 IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1794 IMG_1797 (1) IMG_1798

What do you think each item is? We all sketched 8 items and had a guess about what they could be?

IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1805

Here are some of our sketches:

FullSizeRender IMG_1810 IMG_1813 IMG_1817 IMG_1819

We are now working with a partner to research one of the items we were looking at. We will present the information to the class and post some of the presentations to the blog.

To be continued…..