Narrative stories

Today 3/4NB looked at images by a young photographer named Zev Hoover. Here are the images we looked at:

boat pumpkin stairs Zev hoover image

They were from the literacy shed website (

The students chose one or more of the images to write about.

Here are some of the students stories:

Zev  ©       By Levis Khuu

Zev was at school doing his work,

he started getting bored so he took a little nap.

He started to dream about being the last on earth.

During the dream he was in search of food

so he went to the farm to buy it.

He went into the barn seeing some marks

that could only mean one thing, he shivered turned around

and gasped, he woke up ‘that’s strange where did everyone go’.

He had a strange feeling that the dream met something.

So he went to the farm got some food and drove to the temple.

He found some strange language writing he tried to pronounce it

then magically was able to speak any language.

He took a step close to the altar and fell in a hole.

He started to hunger for food he check his pockets in search of food.

Instead he found a scroll so he read it.

‘’The power of God should be restored it’s been taken by them all’’

‘’What!’’ He exclaimed

The world started to shake, all humanity rises to its original state.

Zev was flying up to heaven proven to be the next God.

The end